Friday, September 5, 2014

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Open letter from Susan Patch

Why is Mimi Rothschild trying so hard to pin all her bad press on Helen Hegener and Heather Idoni?

The facts: Mimi Rothschild, Howard Mandel and Learning by Grace, Inc. sued Heather Idoni for posting a series of links to websites critical of the Rothschild/Mandel homeschooling "academies." Heather did not create the sites linked to, she merely linked to them.

When Helen Hegener of Home Education Magazine linked to Heathers site and wrote an editorial relating her own experiences with Rothschild/Mandel she was named in the lawsuit as well.

To read Mimi Rothschild's "Speaking the Truth in Love" blog entries one might get the impression that Helen Hegener and Heather Idoni are the only two people who have ever spoken out about her business activities. Mimi Rothschild is doing her level best to demonize Helen and Heather and convince the homeschooling community and the world at large that it is she who is the victim, it is she who is being unfairly persecuted and that it is all Hegener and Idoni's doing. Apparently Mrs. Rothschild is in denial of the hundreds of forum entries, other blogs, consumer protection websites and homeschooling websites critical of her and her businesses on which she herself has responded vehemently denying everything for many years.

The reality of the situation is that many, many people over many, many years have been speaking out about the Rothschild/Mandel businesses and there is a great deal of information on the internet to prove that. Anyone can do a simple search on Yahoo, Google or any search engine. Go check Yahoo Answers, or a generic search for "Mimi Rothschild" on blogs/forums/news or web-wide on Google or any other search engine and you will find, in addition to Mimi Rothschild's own prolific self-promotion, hundreds of websites detailing her various "homeschools" and customers experiences with them.

Now Mimi is trying to set herself up as the victim of cyber-bullying, cyber-harassment and telling anyone who will read her blogs that it is all a pack of lies made up by two mean people out to destroy her. She has even gone so far as to turn this into a new business opportunity by starting a website about cyber-bullying dedicated to Helen and Heather. One that is nearly all merely cut & paste from a free Federal website. Mrs. Rothschild has made up story after story to explain why these two women are waging a vendetta against Mimi Rothschild, Howard Mandel and Learning by Grace, Inc. The truth of the matter is that there is no vendetta. There is no campaign to destroy Mimi being waged by Hegener and Idoni.

On August 25th Mimi Rothschild began a series of blog posts that have been dedicated to destroying Helen and Heathers credibility and accusing them of posting all sorts of lies about Mimi all over the internet. The truth is that except for one post by Helen Hegener -on her own website and Facebook comments - approved by her attorneys and linking to the Federal Court case and a short piece explaining her side of the story and that was re-posted by others with permission, there have been no blog posts about Rothschild/Mandel at all by either Helen or Heather. Not one. Anywhere. Mimi insists there are many. She insists that anything that appears anywhere speaking out against her is part of a carefully orchestrated plot by Idoni and Hegener. Even when the blog owners tell her it is not Mrs. Hegener or Mrs. Idoni writing Mimi insists that everyone loves her and if there is bad press anywhere about her it must be Hegener and Idoni doing it.

This would be comic if it were not so pathetically sad. If it were not doing real damage to real people. She is playing to an audience of her own imagining, trying to trivialize her own bad public image by destroying others. She is trying to make herself out to be a tragic heroine while viciously attacking others. She is trying to say that where there is smoke the defendants in a lawsuit she filed against them must have set the fire. She is playing the divert attention card, playing the victim card, the sympathy card and the righteous Christian crusader card all at the same time.

Mimi Rothschild's house of cards is crumbling.

© 9/13/2011 Susan Patch The opinions expressed here are solely my own.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Former K-300 manager indcited on 25 counts

Fri, February 27, 2009

The Former Manager of the Kuskokwim 300 Sled Race, Staci Gillilan, has been indicted on 25 criminal counts. Gillilan was arrested last spring and charged with Theft involving K300 funds. Her case went to Grand Jury yesterday.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A little local flavor

Joe May reports on the good old days in the upper valley

"The names Mercer, Humphries, Kaso, Rosser, Petty, Goodwin, and Randles come easy to mind…the Sutherland brothers west of the river, Ron Aldrich from Montana Creek, and the many three, four, or five dog kennels that populated the area..."

Read the entire article here...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dogsled Mail in Alaska, 1890s–1963

Delivering the mail to Alaska has always presented a formidable challenge to the U.S. Postal Service. Letters, parcels, and supplies from the “Lower 48 states” often took weeks or months to reach their destinations. Steamships transported Alaskabound mail north from Puget Sound in Washington to southeastern coastal towns. After reaching these towns, mail was carried to some sections of interior Alaska by river steamers and, later, by Alaska Railroad trains for delivery to smaller, outlying villages. The harsh Arctic weather and limited trail and road system also made mail delivery extremely difficult. In the more isolated sections, carrying the mail required methods far different than those traditionally used elsewhere in the United States.
Dogs proved superior for the winter transport of mail. Dogs were capable of covering long distances, day or night, and could travel over frozen lakes and rivers and pass through dense forests.
The Native malamute, the Eskimo dog, or Husky were of all the same breed and was the most valued dog for teams. Malamutes were strong, with thick coats and furry paws, and thrived on dried salmon and needed no special housing. Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, setters, spaniels, and
collies were also used. As in earlier frontiers, horses were also used in Alaska, but they posed
special problems. Feed was costly and hard to supply and horses required special care in extreme cold.
By 1901, a network of mail trails throughout Alaska was in use, including a system that followed
almost the entire length of the Yukon River. The historic 2,300-mile Iditarod Trail was the
main dog trail that carried mail from Seward to Nome. Over-night roadhouses served mail carriers, freighters, and other travelers who used dog sleds or horses.
Mail dog teams varied in size, with eight to ten dogs the most common number for pulling a sled. Typical of the dog teams that have carried Alaska’s mail is the string of Malamutes shown on
the postal card, “Alaska Dog Team.” The dogs are working with a light racing sled.
On a mail run, they would haul a heavier, longer sled. On average, dog teams pulled sleds containing between 500 - 700 pounds of mail, which meant that each dog had a load of up to 100 pounds (although they hauled less on the more challenging trails). Mail sacks usually weighed 50 pounds each. Rubber-lined waterproof bags were used to protect precious mail from snow, rain, and mud. The dogs wore moosehide moccasins to protect their feet as much as possible from jagged pieces of ice.
In 1963, the U.S. Post Office Department honored Chester Noongwook of Savoonga, on St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea. He was the last mail driver and with his retirement, regular sled dog mail delivery ended in Alaska.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sprint mushers start on Jan. 18

The Alaska Dog Mushers Association has announced that its season is now scheduled to start on Jan. 18 at the Jeff Studdert Racegrounds.

January 18 10:30 am Sunday and February 1 10:30 am Sunday

Championship Races

2-21 to 2 - 22
11:00 am
ADMA Gold Run
2 Dog Skijoring
6 Dog
10 Dog
2-28 to 3-1
11:00 am
North Pole Championship Sled Dog Races
Chena Lakes Recreation Area
2 Dog Skijoring
4 Dog
6 Dog
10 Dog
3 - 6 to 3 - 8
11:00 am
Junior North American Championships
(a Fairbanks Junior Dog Mushers Association race)
1-dog, 2-dog, 3-dog, 4-dog, 6-dog, and 8-dog classes
3 - 13 to 3 -15
11:00 am
Limited North American Championships 1, 2, 3 dog Skijoring
4 Dog
6 Dog
8 Dog
3 - 18
1:00 pm
Jeff Studdert Passenger Race
1 dog per 40 pounds combined weight of mushers
3-20 to 3-22
1:00 pm
Open North American Championship
Downtown Fairbanks
3-28 to 3-29
Tok Race of Champions
(a Tok Dog Mushers Association race)
6 Dog
8 Dog

Norma Rasmussen Memorial Challenge on January 25th

Norma Rasmussen Memorial Challenge Points race # 3,
January 25th Tozier Track, Anchorage
3 dog Sportsman class, 4-dog class, 6 dog class, 8 dog class, & Open